This week marked the global debut of WhatsApp’s new feature. That might be useful for rapidly saving links, classifying notes for later, and reminders. This makes it easy to “message yourself”.

Users will find it simpler to save links and even notes using WhatsApp’s new feature functionality. The recently announced function, which can be quite useful for swiftly organizing notes and reminders, was released globally this week. Due to this NEW UNIQUE FEATURE, you can message yourself as well.

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1. WhatsApp’s new feature makes it easy for users to save links and notes for later.

1.1 Why the Feature Matters

1.2 How the Entire Process Operates

1.3 When Will the Feature’s Global Rollout Begin?


WhatsApp’s new feature makes it easy for users to save links and notes for later

WhatsApp users can now text themselves inside the chat app, which is really convenient and helpful if you need to save a quick link or make a note of anything for later.

This functionality is already present in other texting programs like Slack and Signal, and it also offers a different method of organization for anyone who plans to spend a significant amount of time using the chat app.

Why the Feature Matters

When I need to quickly transfer a web browser link from my phone to my desktop computer, I typically text myself. I can now quickly text myself a response from my phone using this method over WhatsApp. First, open WhatsApp on my computer, and begin clicking.

How the Entire Process Operates

In order to start a text conversation with yourself on WhatsApp, follow the same steps as for texting anyone else on the service. First, tap the new chat icon. Next, your own contact will appear at the top of the list with the status “Message Yourself.” Now all you have to do is touch on your contact to launch texting with them.

When Will the Feature’s Global Rollout Begin?

The functionality is now rolling out globally on WhatsApp, so when it is fully accessible, it should appear in the app.

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