A school environmental management plan represents a school’s commitment to sustainable development. It represents the school’s achievements and plans to improve the overall quality of the environment. Usually, environment management tools are developed jointly with multiple institutions to take necessary actions for reducing waste production and promote sustainable practices in all domains. Schools are actively taking part in dropping waste production, energy and water conservation, lessening of greenhouse gas emission and protect biological entities of the environment.

Some of the schools have already included sustainable practices into their academic curriculum. The administrative bodies have understood effective environmental management can only be possible with the help of interdisciplinary environmental coordinators. These professionals have assisted schools in the accomplishment of sustainable practices and overcoming the challenges by the formation of voluntary student groups for environmental protection. 

Every school now has a keen team of volunteers primarily comprising of the students and teachers to look after the implementation of EMP. Projects like tree planting, environmental awareness, waste recycling are organized by the volunteers and environmental coordinators. Alongside these activities, the coordinators also work to develop sustainable school buildings and alternative ways of energy conservation. Schools that have successfully implemented environmental management plans receive 5 Star accreditation and awards from the government.

The five-star accreditation comprises five different models like biodiversity, waste, energy, water, and core. Academic institutions are eligible for 5-star extradition only after they complete all these models successfully, and ensure that the school will be committed towards sustainable development and also serve as a leader to encourage other institutions to follow their path. Under the core module, the school focuses on creating a strategic approach for developing a sustainable school. Through this program, the students get to learn about the planning and process of shifting towards a sustainable system. Eventually, it becomes an important part of the school’s management process and strategic environmental management plan adopted by the organization.

Policy of sustainability

School environmental management plans at academic institutions include training and educating all the members of the school community about environmental awareness. The school will be able to achieve its future goals and objective by inspiring the future generation to take part in global and local collaborations.

Goals of sustainability practices

  • To create environmental awareness among members of the school and people of the surrounding community
  • To reduce the volume of landfill waste per student by promoting the use of materials that can be recycled, reused or composted
  • To reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption per student by promoting smart practices with better efficiency
  • Increasing habitat quality score and biodiversity within the school compound and its surroundings by planting indigenous species of trees. It will also increase the habitable area for local wildlife.
  • Dropping the consumption of potable water for a student by periodic maintenance and improvement plumbing system, and promoting water conservation programs
  • Students, teachers, and other members of the school community for green purchasing. It will reduce the harmful impact of synthetic materials on the environment and also educate the community to use environmentally friendly materials.

Guidelines to follow

  • Sustainability practices incorporated into the academic curriculum for all classes
  • The school will actively take part in sustainable practices to promote environmentally responsive behavior and systems
  • The school will guide the community through demonstrations of waste management, biodiversity development, uses of water, and energy.

The school will take a hands-on approach to educate people about sustainability through the academic curriculum in every class. Events like tree planting will be organized every year to help students learn to take sustainable actions to protect the environment. 

An active sustainability coordination team will be formed comprising of the students, staff members, student leaders, parents, and other members of the school and the local community.

Waste management

  • The school community will actively take part in developing a waste management model.
  • Use of recyclable materials will be promoted
  • Appropriate measures will be taken to ensure litter-free school grounds with the help of periodic cleanup and waste education


  • The school community will promote and practice smart classes for developing energy-efficient school
  • All the electrical appliances will be switched off when not in use
  • Integration of appropriate energy-saving technique


  • Promote conservation of natural surroundings through curriculum, camps, and excursions
  • Removal of unwanted weeds school surroundings
  • Maintenance increase areas with indigenous plants


  • Uphold water as the most precious natural resources
  • Encourage the use of equipment and resources efficiently
  • Integration of suitable water conservation measures

Green purchasing

  • Using environment-friendly people for different purposes
  • Using biodegradable papers as alternatives to hand towels, tissues, toilet paper, etc.
  • Encourage the use of environmentally friendly produce

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