When determining a song’s popularity on Apple Music, several factors come into play. Apple Music’s algorithm takes into account various data points to gauge a song’s appeal and popularity among its users. Some of the key factors considered include:


  1. Number of Ratings:

  2. The number of user ratings a song receives is a critical factor in determining its popularity. Higher-rated songs are more likely to be considered popular and may receive the star symbol.

  1. Listening History:

  2. Apple Music tracks the listening habits of its users. Songs that are frequently played by a large number of listeners are more likely to be considered popular and recommended to other users.
  3. Music Library and Downloads:
  4. Songs that users add to their music library or download for offline listening are taken into account. A high number of additions and downloads may indicate a song’s popularity.
  5. “Loved” Songs:Apple Music allows users to mark songs they love. Songs that receive a significant number of “Loved” designations are seen as popular and may be recommended to others.
  6. Playlist Additions: The frequency with which users add a song to their playlists is also considered. Songs added to a large number of playlists are more likely to be identified as popular.
  7. User Engagement: User engagement with a song, such as skipping or replaying it, is also factored in. High user engagement indicates a song’s resonance with listeners.
  8. Regional Popularity: Apple Music may consider the popularity of a song in specific regions. Songs that perform well in particular countries or cities may receive targeted promotion.
  9. Streaming Data: The number of streams a song accumulates is another important factor. Songs with a high number of streams are more likely to be labeled popular.
  10. Shazams: The number of Shazams, which are user-initiated song identifications, can also influence a song’s perceived popularity.
  11. Trends and Virality: Songs that experience sudden spikes in popularity or go viral on social media may be given more visibility on the platform.
  12. Artist Performance: The popularity and engagement of the artist or band behind the song may also be taken into account.

Overall, Apple Music’s algorithm uses a combination of these factors to create personalized recommendations and highlight the most popular and highly-rated songs for its users.

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