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A seasoned businessman named David Nehdar is most recognized for being Lacey Chabert’s spouse. American actress and singer Lacey Chabert is his wife.

Her most well-known roles have been in over 30 Hallmark Channel films, and she also starred in the Fox Network drama Party Five as Claudia Salinger.

While she portrays a number of unfortunate love lives on TV, she is blissfully married off screen. According to QC Approved, there are thirty Hallmark films featuring Lacey Chabert.

Early Years

On August 16, 1974, David Nehdar was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. He is a member of the white ethnic group and an American citizen. He graduated with a degree in business management.

This is the reason he was accepted to a business school, where he graduated with a master degree in business management, after completing his high school education at a nearby high school in his hometown.

Due to his upbringing in a business setting and his schooling in business management, he joined his family’s company and began working there after earning his degree.

However, he gained notoriety as a result of his union with singer and actress Lacey Chabert. The couple dated for a considerable amount of time before getting married, according to insiders. Even though it involved well-known personalities, their wedding remained under wraps; they were married in December 2013 over the holidays.

Profile of David Nehdar

Name in full: David Nehdar
Birthdate: August 16, 1974
49 years old
Birthplace: United States of America, Los Angeles, California.
Citizenship: United States
Working as a businessman
Known for: Being the spouse of singer and actress Lacey Chabert, an American celebrity known for being the queen of fun Hallmark films.

David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert’s marriage

David and Lacey decided to get married after dating for a number of years. However, Lacey stated at the outset that he is her best buddy. They did not divulge many details about their relationship to the public during this time, keeping it largely private.

On December 22, 2013, the couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony attended only by their closest friends and relatives. Even though the Hallmark actress wed her longtime partner Nehdar in December 2013, the couple called it quits on January 4, 2014, via a tweet that read, “I’m beginning off 2014 as a Mrs! My dearest friend and the love of my life were married over the holidays.

Lacey Chabert’s spouse

Ultimately, on December 22, 2013, Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar made their marriage public over the December holiday. The couple had a private wedding ceremony.

The couple has only been spotted at a select few red carpet events, and because David has multiple different photos included on his made-up internet page, many outlets are unsure about his true appearance.

His spouse Lacey revealed her pregnancy on Twitter in 2016. To make her news, she shared a photo of her dog with the caption, “My mom is having a baby & all I get is this silly shirt.” Up until a week before the delivery, she updated her admirers with a variety of pictures following the announcement.

Following that, their baby’s gender was made public on Instagram. In the first week of September, a post was published to welcome their daughter, Julia Mimi Bella Nehdarin, in remembrance of her grandmother, Julie Chabert. Julia, who turned seven years old this past Thursday, September 1, 2016, was born.

In September 2020, Julia’s mother Lacey posted a photo of her and wished for her fourth birthday.

Lacey Chabert: Star of Hallmark Films

In addition, Lacey is a voice actor who has provided voices for several animated shows and video games. In two feature films and the animated series The Wild Thornberrys, she provided the voice of Eliza Thornberry. During Family Guy’s debut season, Lacey voiced Meg Griffin in an animated sitcom.

She has made appearances in the comedy film Daddy Day Care (2003) and the well-known science fiction picture Lost in Space (1998). She also starred in a prominent role in the comedy Mean Girls in 2004. The following year, she returned to the lead role in Dirty Deeds.

In addition, she appears in four Hallmark Movies & Mysteries films and thirty Hallmark Channel productions.

David Nehdar Enterprises

Following graduation, he started working for his family’s company. Subsequently, he gained notoriety for his business acumen. Following his union with Hallmark actress Lacey Chabert, he and his spouse established the retail company HSN.

HSN is a merchandising company that sells a wide range of products on its website, hsn.com, including jewelry, electronics, health care, home decor, fashion accessories, and beauty products.

In addition, the couple launched Lacey Chabert Collection, an apparel and fashion label. Through their e-commerce website, hsn.com, the couple also offers exclusive Lacey Chabert Collection products for sale.

Being a highly secretive individual, it could be challenging to understand the specifics of his company as he doesn’t make many public disclosures. However, according to certain internet sources, his company deals with investments and finance. He also invests in a small business in order to expand it.

Nehdar David Networth

Nehdar’s entire family inherited this well-known brand in the business, and it was intended specifically for this sector. Still, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say he lives a lavish lifestyle.

Throughout his professional career, this businessman has amassed a net worth of millions of dollars. Some sources claim that he is making a respectable salary with a substantial $9 million net worth.

In addition to his family business, he and his spouse own a merchandising company called HSN. There, they make a sizable profit by selling a variety of fashion accessories, jewelry, beauty products, electronics, home décor items, health care products, and much more.

However, in the American entertainment industry, his wife Lacey is the most well-known figure. She has contributed to more than a hundred films, TV shows, and videos. Considering her notoriety and wealth, it is clear that her diligence and hard work paid off. Her estimated net worth is $4 million. Many think that his relationship with Chabert has contributed to the increase in his net worth.

Six David Nehdar Facts That May Startle You!

1. David comes from a family of business owners.
2. He is currently a prosperous businessman in his line of work.
3. Lacey Chabert, an American actress, voice actor, and singer, brought her husband David into the spotlight.
4. A year after being married, the couple had managed to keep their romance private despite Chabert’s widespread fame.
5. Actress Chabert has acted in over 16 Hallmark films and is well-known for her parts in Mean Girls and Lost in Space.
6. His $9 million estimated net worth.

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