What is it? 

Case Management for substance abuse clients is the most important part of case management. Many organizations are working on it. And many professionals are working counselors in the field. This subject has a social point of view. It also has psychological and legal entities. Now many people are addicted to drugs, booze, etc. They have an adaptation problem in society. So, they face many problems. Rehabilitation is one of the best things to return them to normal life. The counselor works on it. They are tried to return these people to normal life. Due to this reason, they work hard with the person or group of people in society. 

How do they work? 

They work with many methods in society. Case management for substance abuse clients is not an easy issue. The counselors have to coup with several issues with it. The most important part is meeting with these guys who are suffering from addiction. To solve the issue they meet these people either in a group or one to one. The objectives are of these meetings to understand the clients, his or her mental condition. Due to this reason they also meet with their family. They document all the minutes of the meeting and draft that. For successful case management, these meetings have great importance. The counselor has to listen to each conversation and dialogues of the clients. There are many reasons for the addition. Like social problems and mental pressure play a huge role in this matter. Sometimes genetic reasons are also involved in the addiction of a person. The counselor has to understand all these points and reciprocate with them. He mainly makes a report on clients and meets with the organization’s concern department for successful case management. A counselor needs to coordinate with each people for case management. Case management includes many departments and professionals like doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and other counselors. So the main counselor has to coordinate with the entire person and make a proper report on it. But remember case management is a client-driven matter. Clients are the ultimate who decides that he or she needs counseling or not. If they decide on counseling the case manager starts coordinating between clients and the other professionals of the organization. Case management is a flexible matter. The case manager has to be flexible and he can adapt to all kinds of situations. He needs to handle and tackle all kinds of situations. Sometimes it possible the case manager has to work with various unwilling situations. The time of dealing with mental patients he or she has to co-up with the situation like organizational structure, particulars, pressure of authority, 

unwilling situation, etc. But remember the case manager has to flexible with the entire situation.  

The practices: 

For successful Case management for substance abuse clients, some skills are needed. These skills are essential for successful and proper case management. The following are the best options for successful case management. 

  1. The case manager has to support clients, the community, and the family of the clients. He needs to do proper coordination with these people.
  2. Understanding the variety of work processes, the situation is the most important work.
  3. Proper approaching is another objective of successful case management.
  4. The ability to accept the various kind of work methods and follow the scientific process is most important for successful case management.

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