Russian attack on Ukrainian ports on the Danube is denounced by the Romanian president and prime minister.

The recent Russian assault on the Ukrainian Danube ports of Izmail and Reni, which are close to the Romanian border, was denounced by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. Marcel Ciolacu, Romania’s prime minister, also denounced the assault.

“I vehemently condemn the latest Russian attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine on the Danube, which is very close to Romania. The security of the Black Sea is seriously jeopardised by this recent escalation. On his official Twitter account, Klaus Iohannis stated that it also has an impact on future UA grain transit and consequently, world food security.

Romania prime minister Marcel Ciolacu,

Marcel Ciolacu, the prime minister of Romania, also denounced the assault. “These activities are part of a pattern of airstrikes by the Russian military on civilian locations in the Odesa region that have intensified since the Russian Federation unilaterally decided to stop taking part in the Black Sea Grain Initiative. We demand that the Russian Federation stop bombing Ukrainian ports from the air.

Ukrainian Operational Command claims that Russian drones attacked and destroyed a grain storage facility on the Danube in the Odessa region of the Black Sea. Pictures shared on social media show that the attack targeted the Port of Reni, located near Galați.

The Air Defence Forces

The Air Defence Forces destroyed three drones, according to the Operational Command. The attacks resulted in six injuries.

The blasts, which happened early on Monday, July 24, were audible in Romania.

Since withdrawing from the Istanbul Agreement on Ukrainian grain exports, negotiated by the UN and Turkey, in July 2022, this is the first time Russia has targeted Ukrainian infrastructure on the Danube. The attacked was carried out using Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones rather than long-range missiles, as has been the case in Odesa and Chernomorskoy since July 18.

Russia heavily attacked Odesa

In recent days, Russia heavily attacked Odesa, also hitting port facilities. Ukraine announced last week that it might utilise a different export route through the territorial waters of Romania and Bulgaria after the grain export deal expired. According to Biziday, the CIA director then issued a warning that Russia might be preparing a false flag operation with the intention of attacking foreign-flagged ships in the Black Sea.

Since July 17, when Russia withdrew from the Istanbul Agreement, the Danube has been the only remaining conduit for the shipment of grain from Ukraine.

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