What is MyBLINN?

What is myBLINN? The student portal for Blinn College is a useful resource for prospective students and current students alike. Through myBLINN, prospective students can view their transcripts, view their grades, and check their academic progress. MyBLINN also allows students to access the Texas Success Initiative Assessment, which many prospective Blinn students must complete before enrolling in college-level courses. It is a comprehensive assessment that measures academic, social, and emotional skills.

Apply for admission to the college

To use MyBLINN, you must first apply for admission to the college district. This process is the same for returning and new students. To apply, you must complete the Texas Common Application, or TASC. You will need to select the two-year option and choose Blinn College when you fill out the application. Paper applications are no longer accepted at Blinn. To apply, simply log in to MyBLINN and follow the prompts.

How Do I Contact Myblinn Support?

There are several ways to contact Myblinn support. For example, you can fill out the Myblinn support form to request help with a specific issue. In addition, you can visit the Myblinn website to find contact information for our Customer Service representatives. You can even call our customer support team to ask a question about your account. The customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Your first step is to complete the application form. Once you’ve been accepted, your personal information will be stored in your account.

What is Blinn College’s Policy on Unauthorized Use of Computer Resources?

Unauthorized use of Blinn College computer resources is prohibited. By using the Internet, you acknowledge and agree to follow the policies of the Blinn College District. These policies include Acceptable Use Policy, Security Policy, Copyright Infringement Policy, and Information Systems Policy. Blinn College District will report violations to local and state authorities. Information about your activities is not shared with outside parties unless legally required.

computer resources

If you are suspected of using university computer resources, you are asked to sign a form to notify the college of the incident. By signing, you certify that you understand and agree to the university’s policy regarding unauthorized use of computer resources. You are also prohibited from using university computer resources for activities that violate the university’s mission, violate the law, or disrupt the educational experience of others.

Writing Center

Students caught viewing  will be permanently barred from using the Writing Center and will be reported to the police. If you continue to violate this policy, you may be escorted off campus and may be charged with criminal trespass. Further, students who violate this policy may be banned from the College District and may be expelled from campus. If you are caught violating this policy, you will be removed from campus housing and will have to pay a fine.

Ending Words

The College District will determine whether or not an offense qualifies for sanctions. If a student is found guilty of violating the code of conduct or policy, they will be inform by the chairperson of the disciplinary committee. The decision of the committee will serve as the concluding administrative action. In cases of disciplinary sanctions, the student must accept the penalty imposed.

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