Marriage is a sacred association of two families and two souls. It is a holy union of two people coming together in a spiritual contract. Marriage leads to the formation of new relationships and the beginning of a new life. For this sacred association, religious rituals have a major role in this spiritual bonding of two people. So, marriage needs to be a great celebration. A marriage is incomplete without sweet desserts and lip-smacking wedding cakes. Blooms Villa provides an amazing collection of wedding cakes. As desserts are the heart of every occasion. We provide tasty sweets and cakes for weddings and anniversary celebrations. 

Parents always dream of marrying their children with great gusto and excitement. Even the couple has many plans for their wedding. A wedding cake is always on the top of their wish list. Apart from an attractive venue, nice decorations, perfect dresses, awesome food and happy faces all around. But, a wedding without a wedding cake is like a cup of coffee without sugar. Perhaps, cutting a wedding cake by the bride and the groom is the best part of every marriage celebration. You might be unaware of the fact that wedding cake brings good fortune and symbolize happiness and new beginning. The highly experienced and talented bakers of Blooms Villa prepare different-flavored wedding cakes according to the couple’s taste and preference. We also offer an exciting collection of anniversary cakes to celebrate with your soul mate.

You just need to book an advance order for the cake with the required flavors and details as per your taste. Some of the most popular wedding cake designs provided by us are mentioned below.

1. Chocolate Truffle Cakes- Chocolate Truffle wedding cakes are the most liked and preferred by the couples. Tower of Chocolate truffles garnished with chocolates and candies, and frosted with chocolate ganache is rich in flavor and taste. So, chocolate lovers, here is your Paradise!

2. Beach Theme Cakes- If you are looking for a destination wedding at a beach, then Beach Theme Cakes are the most popular. The frosting is done in a way that it specifically highlights the beach tradition. Sky Blue and Green frosting is usually done. The vibrant flowers and colorful seashells are also placed to add grace to the cake. Marble Fondant Cakes are the most loved cakes for beach weddings and they add beauty to the celebration.

3. Flower Cakes- These are the most beautiful and delicious cakes. The stunning and bright flowers are placed on the lip-smacking Marble Fondant Cakes, and the frosting is done in a unique way that it makes a perfect cake for the wedding ceremony with the fresh and fragrant flowers delivery in Kolkata. These cakes are perfect for spring weddings.

4. Autumn Wedding Cakes- Cakes for fall weddings are decorated in an attractive way that they just appear mouth-watering. They can be decorated using simple butter cream, marble fondant and fresh, attractive icing. These cakes are further decorated using green leaves and frosting of lustrous colours is done. Book your order for the sweet wedding cakes to have your dream wedding.

5. Couple Wedding Cakes- These are the most demanded wedding cakes. They personify the couple in the most romantic and the craziest postures. If you both are fond of traveling or if you love food or if you are a crazy couple, then you can opt for the varied couple cakes. These are prepared freshly personifying the couple’s relationship.

These were some of the best ideas of the wedding cakes. So, why being late? Book your favorite wedding cake from Blooms Villa at very affordable prices. As wedding preparations need a proper time, so everything needs to be arranged perfectly.

We also deliver anniversary cakes. So, surprise your better half on your anniversary by the delectable and luscious cake from Blooms Villa. We deliver cakes in every city of the country. If you want the cake to be delivered in Bangalore, then you can order cake online in Delhi by ordering from Blooms Villa. We provide the best at very competitive prices. Some of the most delightful anniversary cakes are available in a variety of divine flavors of chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, red velvet and many others. You can also celebrate your anniversary by cupcakes. They are just like cakes in taste and sight. Embrace the joyful moments spent with your love by sweetness of cakes from Blooms Villa.

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