In an astonishing turn of events at the Women’s World Cup, the Philippines’ national football team pulled off a stunning victory against the co-hosts New Zealand, shocking fans and experts alike. This Group A match became increasingly contentious after a possible equalizer by New Zealand was disallowed, leading to a heated encounter on the pitch. The Football Ferns, as the New Zealand team is known, entered the game as favorites for the first time in six World Cups, carrying the momentum from their previous win against Norway. However, it was Sarina Bolden’s historic goal in the 24th minute that silenced the raucous stadium of 33,000 predominantly New Zealand fans, reshaping the tournament’s dynamics.

Unveiling the Underdog’s Triumph

The Philippines, often considered an underdog in international women’s football, delivered a performance that will go down in history. The team, comprising a mix of young talents and seasoned players, embraced a tactical approach that allowed them to surprise the highly-favored Football Ferns. The Philippines’ victory not only put them on the map but also provided a refreshing reminder of the beauty of the beautiful game’s unpredictability.

The Key Moments of the Match

1. Disallowed Equalizer: Controversy Strikes

The game witnessed a crucial moment in the 57th minute when New Zealand thought they had equalized the score. However, the referee disallowed the goal due to an offside call, sparking heated protests from the Football Ferns. The decision fueled the already charged atmosphere and intensified the battle on the field.

2. Sarina Bolden’s Sensational Strike

In the 24th minute, Sarina Bolden made history by scoring the Philippines’ match-winning goal. With her precise strike from their first effort on goal, she cemented her name in football lore. This goal was not only a testament to the Filipino team’s skill but also highlighted the importance of seizing opportunities in high-stakes matches.

3. New Zealand’s Determined Fightback

Following the disallowed equalizer, New Zealand intensified their efforts to level the score. They launched a series of attacking plays, showcasing their tenacity and commitment to securing a positive result. However, the Philippines’ defense held firm, denying New Zealand any chance to bounce back.

The Impact of the Upset

The unexpected outcome of this match had significant implications for both teams and the tournament as a whole.

1. Philippines’ Rise in Women’s Football

The Philippines’ historic victory marked a turning point for women’s football in the country. It served as a catalyst for increased interest and investment in the sport, potentially paving the way for a new generation of talented female footballers. The nation’s football federation now faces the exciting challenge of nurturing and developing this emerging talent pool.

2. New Zealand’s Redemption Quest

For New Zealand, the loss served as a wake-up call, compelling the team to reevaluate their strategies and performance. Their quest for redemption and progression to the round of 16 would demand introspection and the ability to bounce back stronger in the remaining matches.

Can the Philippines replicate their success in future matches?

The Philippines’ victory showcased their potential and talent. While replicating such success consistently may be challenging, it certainly puts them on the radar as a competitive team to watch out for in future tournaments.

How did Sarina Bolden become the star of the match?

Sarina Bolden’s historic goal was a result of her exceptional skill, positioning, and timing. Her moment of brilliance on the field turned the tide in favor of the Philippines, elevating her to the status of a national hero.

Will New Zealand be able to recover from this setback?

As a seasoned team with a strong foundation, New Zealand is expected to recover and regroup. The loss will undoubtedly motivate them to come back stronger in the upcoming matches and continue their pursuit of success in the tournament.

What are the key takeaways from this match for aspiring footballers?

The match highlights the importance of seizing opportunities, maintaining composure under pressure, and working cohesively as a team. It serves as an inspiration for aspiring footballers to dream big and never underestimate their potential.

How did the crowd react to the shocking upset?

The predominantly New Zealand crowd expressed a mix of disbelief and disappointment following the Philippines’ historic victory. However, sportsmanship prevailed, and the visiting team was also met with applause for their outstanding performance.

Could this match influence future hosting decisions for international tournaments?

While it is unlikely that a single match’s outcome would impact future hosting decisions significantly, it does emphasize the excitement and unpredictability that international tournaments bring, making them even more enticing for potential hosts.


The Women’s World Cup Group A match between the Philippines and co-hosts New Zealand will be etched in football history as one of the sport’s most unforgettable upsets. The Philippines’ triumph showcased the spirit of underdogs and served as a reminder that anything is possible in the world of sports. For New Zealand, the loss presented an opportunity for redemption and growth, highlighting the resilience and determination that define great teams. The tournament continues to captivate fans worldwide, celebrating the beautiful game and the surprises it brings.

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