What number of you have at any point had the issue where your pot twists up or down? Pot can be a precarious plant to develop, and perhaps the most well-known issue Californium marijuana cultivators need to deal with is leaf twisting. 

This blog entry investigates how you can recognize if your pot plants are twisting up or down, what causes it in certain cases, and ways of fixing the issue with the goal that you get all the more even development on your next gather! Continue to peruse to figure out how to fix this issue! 

What Causes Curling Cannabis Leaves


Marijuana can twist for various reasons, however, by and large, this is on the grounds that the plant was overwatered during development. This makes the stem snap and afterward bend when drying out a while later. 

Overwatered plants will show manifestations, for example, twisting or measuring of the leaves and buds, earthy colored spots on leaves, and strange leaf stains. This is a typical issue in a ton of usually developed homegrown yields, for example, moringa, also, and it is one of the fundamental reasons you’ll see leaves yellowing and twisting on any plant. 

Nitrogen insufficiency 

Weed twisting up or down can likewise be an aftereffect of a nitrogen inadequacy in youthful leaves, yet this is considerably less normal than overwatering being answerable for. How much nitrogen your marijuana needs changes relying upon its size, light openness, mugginess levels, and developing medium. 

How might you tell which issue a stunning marijuana plant has when the side effects would one say one are and the equivalent? By and large, if your plant is youthful or hasn’t been blossoming for long, odds are good that it’s a nitrogen lack causing the issue. 


With age, there’s a characteristic interaction that becomes possibly the most important factor where the passes on begin to twist inwards. In the event that the leaf tips are turning up yet aren’t twisting inwards toward one another it’s not age-related. 

Dampness Content 

We should investigate everyone thus. How long marijuana has been forgotten about in light can make it become dry and fragile, which will prompt a collapsing of the leaves when contacted. Marijuana needs legitimate dampness content so it doesn’t pass on or get fresh. 

How To Fix Curling Marijuana Leaves? 

To prevent your pet from bending up or down, you need to address whichever issue is mindful (overwatering versus under-treating). 

In case there are leaves twisting up at their tips and yellowing between the veins, the plants are most likely not getting sufficient nitrogen. For this situation, you may have to add some natural manure for pot nitrogen insufficiency. 

In the event that they will in general twist up from the stem and have brown tips, it’s most likely over-watering that is causing the issue. In the event that this happens you should simply quit watering for several days until the plant recuperates. 

How much water your marijuana needs changes relying upon its size, light openness, moistness levels, and developing medium. While there are no immovable standards regarding how much water you should give your plants each day in case they are shriveling from over-watering anytime during their life cycle you need to scale back the measure of water given each day until they quit withering through and through. 

On the off chance that your marijuana is twisting down, in any case, you might have under-watered it. How might you tell? In the event that your plants are hanging more than expected and they don’t liven up when watered however rather stay far more detestable in the wake of watering then this could be an indication of an over-drafted plant. How might you fix this? Quit watering for two or three days and give it an ideal opportunity to recuperate! 

Finishing up on Curled Cannabis Leaves 

In the event that you notice the leaves on your marijuana plants are twisting, it’s ideal to address this issue before it turns into a genuine issue. Since you realize what to do, you ought to experience no difficulty taking care of twisted marijuana leaves quickly. 

Do you realize one more way of preventing your cannabis leaves from twisting? Tell us with a remark underneath!

By Larry

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