Today, I am going to share my wonderful journey from being a housewife to a business woman. I am a stay-at-home mom who runs a business from home. 


MY story

I am Farah Deeba , People known me as farii butt. I am a housewife mother of three kids.

Actually, I am a beauty therapist, I love to do make up my self, groom my self and wants to remains healthy and fit. 

I start the FOREVER living product 1.5 years ago. Startlingly, I don’t want to do a business. But one day I use one of the FOREVER living product C9 for weight reduce. After using that particular product, I feel reduction in my weight without any side effect. I also use other product line related to skin care, personal care etc. My husband, my son also uses their product for weight reduction. I was surprised that my son reduces 25kg after using the c9 & F15.

I have a huge fan following on social media. When people saw me to smart and fit, they were curious to know about how I become so smart?


 From then my SUCCESS STORY started I told the people about the truth that how I reduces my weight and then I start to guide the people about FOREVER living product. I gives true reviews about the products that I was used personally. Then people buy that product through my link. Due to this my earning is started, because I registered my self in the forever living. Due to my hard work, passion and delight towards my work, I achieve my target and become a MANAGER in just three months. I was very happy at that time because I was at the position where I want to be.

I got my manager’s award. And NOW, I got another testimonial manager’s award.

The Forever business has helped millions of people improve their well-being live their dreams. I am one of them.


It is a multibillion-dollar family-owned business that was established in 1978. 

Rex Maughn, the company’s founder, had a vision of spreading the wonderful advantages of aloe vera to make people LOOK and FEEL better! 

People launch their own businesses by endorsing these highquality goods. The largest beekeeper in the world and the brand leader in aloe vera products are both Forever Living. We produce and distribute a variety of natural goods. Today, Forever Living conducts business in 159 different nations. 159 governments have approved of both the excellent product line and the brilliant business strategy.


What makes Forever’s Aloe unique?


In addition to having its own facilities for manufacturing and research and development, Forever Living owns over 6,500 acres of aloe plantations. This enables complete control over the ingredients used in the products. Its cultivation does not involve the use of fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides. Our aloe leaf is manually filled and harvested. No other manufacturer in the world can bottle the product in this way because the quick stabilisation process is Patented. 

The ingredients in the aloe can continue to function because of the cold pressing process. 

Within hours of harvesting, all of this occurs.

The Leaping Bunny Seal of Approval proves that Forever Living Products never subjects any of its goods to animal testing. We also hold certifications from other organizations.


Why is the Forever Living business model so popular with female entrepreneurs and small business owners?

The UK’s forever living market has increased by over 300% in recent years. 

Thus, we have had enormous success. Our business model is very simple to understand, to teach, and to reproduce. It is a small business with a low startup cost that is run from home. 

There are no overhead expenses, no staff to hire, and it is flexible enough to fit around family obligations or work in addition to a fulltime job. In the nooks and crannies of your life, grow your Forever business! 


It is a very successful business model that provides enormous financial and personal benefits, such as time and freedom, that conventional business models cannot match.

By Larry

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