Samsung has always impressed us with its brand new launches every year. The company is again ready to introduce five new devices at Galaxy Unpacked event on August 5, 2020.

The dates for the Samsung event is closing in for this year. The company is all set to launch its five new devices before the world. This was announced by Tae-moon Roh, the president and head of the company’s mobile communications business. He shared this information via a blog post that was published by Samsung on this Monday. He said in the post that at this upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, they are going to launch five new devices that are designed to empower your lives.

After reading this post, anybody would want to know what the five products are. But he did not give out any information on the new products. However, there are many rumours regarding the new devices that it is going to Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy buds, Galaxy smartwatch, Galaxy Fold-2, and Galaxy Note Ultra.

Roh also highlighted the three priorities for Samsung. He said that the mobile division of the company is going to focus on meaningful innovations. He also added that the company has invested significantly in development and research for the past 6 months. He claims that their investment is going to get them bolder innovations.

Roh also said that they are focusing on making mobile technology more personal, useful, intelligent, and secure. They have great ideas to work on. Some of them are ready to be shown to the world.

Roh also said that the company is working on strengthening its partnerships as it is critical for the company’s future. Samsung has partnerships with many top companies, out of which Microsoft, Google, and Spotify are on the top. Even the Mobile Division of the company plans to be more flexible in its approach to handle the ongoing pandemic.

Roh said that the pandemic has caused them great trouble. It has put the company into a tough test. It has forced the company to transform quickly so that they can take care of local communities, employees, and partners while building resilience for future operations.

Roh was appointed as the new mobile chief of the company, earlier this year. He had taken over the position from DJ Koh. Roh has been working with Samsung since, 1997. He happens to be one of the major names in Samsung’s R&D unit

Looking at the past few years, we have seen the company doing great in terms of innovations. They have come up with many new and innovative products. Most of the development and progress is done in the mobile sector that has given us products like Samsung Fold. The company continues to strive harder for innovation. It is expected that we will get to see more creative devices from Samsung. It is amazing to see that the company is trying to give its best shot at innovation even during the current pandemic.

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