how to do cannabis accounting

Compared to other verticals in the industry, such as cultivation and processing/manufacturing, dispensaries face even more hurdles. The IRS is especially strict with dispensaries, which makes it crucial for accounting professionals serving cannabis businesses to keep cannabis accounting track of their clients’ inventories. Failure to do so could result in an IRS audit that could cause significant problems for the dispensary. Therefore, tracking inventories through weekly cycle counts and reconciling them to POS and seed-to-sale systems is essential.

  • The deduction rule doesn’t apply to Schedule III drugs, so the proposed change would cut cannabis companies’ taxes substantially.
  • The federal and provincial governments are looking to profit off of marijuana, otherwise it wouldn’t have been legalized.
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  • Payroll / Labor Office Expenses Advertising Interest Expense Depreciation Research and Development and Legal Fees.
  • By the way, Ron will attest to this, we have a lot of fun to these AICPA events.
  • The Chart of Accounts (COA) helps organize your finances, increases internal accountability, and gives investors, auditors, and shareholders a clear view of your business finances.

Bookkeeping for the cannabis business: fundamentals

To serve them well, a bookkeeper or accountant needs to understand these industries, Cannabis, CBD/hemp, the state/federal issues, and have good work papers, systems, and tools. Whether upstart or experienced, small-scale or large, cannabis operators face a fairly unique set of business and operational challenges, with accounting chief among them. For one, the standby accounting software, Quickbooks, is necessary although not sufficient to smooth 280e accounting, which regulates the deduction of business expenses for alcohol and drug companies.

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  • So antitrust is a top current priority for Latham’s litigation department—as is artificial intelligence.
  • Also, you will require space if you plan to work in an extraction facility, fabricating facility, or testing lab.
  • While raising money for cannabis investments is much harder today, investors are still interested in the opportunities this nascent industry offers.
  • Therefore, the options for reducing tax liability are greatly reduced for cannabis companies.

Summer Marketing Initiatives for Small to Mid-Sized Accounting Firms

how to do cannabis accounting

Duties are calculated in several ways and companies must keep track of the duty and report the higher duty payable on a transaction by transaction basis. This is another reason to engage an accounting firm early on with the capability to set up an accounting system infrastructure to keep your finances on track. With many individuals and companies jumping on the bandwagon to take part of a once in a generation opportunity, it is important to understand some of the accounting and bookkeeping implications that exist in this space. The cannabis sector is not normal and functions differently than most other industries.

What marijuana reclassification means for the United States

We are sure that many other countries worldwide are studying legalization closely to better understand the implications from a societal and financial point of view. Businesses in any industry need to have an accountant, but the cannabis industry needs it even more. You will have a better chance of getting a loan if you show a detailed business plan that includes how much money you expect to make and spend. Also, it can help develop good ways to get paid, collect money, and more.

how to do cannabis accounting

Our Specialized Cannabis and CBD/hemp Program Will Provide:

“Put simple, this move from Schedule I to Schedule III is not getting people out of jail,” said David Culver, senior vice president of public affairs at the U.S. It came after President Joe Biden asked both HHS and the attorney general, who oversees the DEA, last year to review how marijuana was classified. Schedule I put it on par, legally, with heroin, LSD, quaaludes and ecstasy, among others.

how to do cannabis accounting

Cannabis: The Most Promising Industry for Small Accounting Practices to Grow Quickly

Effective inventory management in the cannabis industry goes beyond mere organization; it’s a critical component of accurate financial reporting. Accountants should establish a consistent line of communication with warehousing teams, collaborating closely to ensure that inventory numbers stay aligned with real-world quantities. Regular reconciliation of physical stock with recorded data is essential to detect any discrepancies and rectify them promptly. Here as elsewhere the goal is a streamlined process, generally through digitization, so that creditors are properly paid without delays or errors. For this to happen smoothly, what’s called a three-way matching system, where invoices and receipts are cross-referenced to ensure a clean match, can help guard against error as well as any potential suspicions of fraud. Implementing a regular process of review within your cannabis inventory accounting team is also a good idea, as is maintaining clear workflows before bottlenecks in the AP process build up and cause payment delays.

What is a dispensary chart of accounts, and why is it vital for cannabis businesses?

Final thoughts on bookkeeping for the cannabis industry

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