Printed circuit board (PCB) services are generally a service where developers start building prototypes and small to medium size production runs are done. Though investing and managing an in house PCB services isn’t always warranted. There are large numbers of PCB services are available in the market, including those from Boktech also.

Printed circuit board (PCBs) are the board that is used as the base part in most electronics- both as a physical support piece and as the wiring area for the surface mounted and socket elements. PCBs are commonly made from fiberglass, composite epoxy, or other materials. For most electronics works, PCBs are composed only in a single layer. But most sophisticated hardware such as computer graphics cards or motherboards can have multiple layers. They are two kinds of PCB services. One is called inflexible and the second one is flexible PCB services. Flexible PCB can be folded, bent into many dimensional structures.

Does Boktech provide PCB services for the customer?

The answer is yes. Boktech is a well-known name in the field of the PCB service market. They are the pioneer in who provides quality PCB services to their clients. Boktech is built an online structure dedicated to hardware manufacture. They have a talented team that provides PCB services with reliability. Boktech also offer the best quality of PCB services in the market. Boktech has manufacturing services which include PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, Sourcing, Mechanical modeling, and final assembly, etc. They have an online store which provides hardware, device, tools, accessories, and packaging, etc. In PCB service Boktech offers automated visual inspection of PCBs. Boktech’s Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) helps the scanning test of all PCB servicesThe AOI can scan the device easily for catastrophic failure (missing component) and quality defect while providing the PCB services. Boktech offers one-stop solutions for PCB services. Which includes PCB fabrication, components procurements, SMT assembly, wave soldering, final assembly, testing, packaging, certification, and shipment. They have tons of experience and advantages in PCB servicing. 

Boktech does high-quality PCB services. There part sourcing and procurement are reliable. They offer high-quality PCB assembly. Boktech always prefers 100 percent full testing at the time of PCB servicing. They always provide their PCB services with two to three weeks. Boktech always offers all kinds of PCB servicing reports to their clients which includes the DFM report, trial production report, production technology support report, and flexible assembly options report at the end of PCB services. The most important part of their PCB service is they always keep a low price rate for the PCB services. But Boktech PC B service depends on some basic conditions. When any customer asks for PCB service they have to order 1-10 K units for PCB services. Boktech has four types of PCB services:

Prototype services (1-99 units)

Small batch production (100-1000 units)

Mass production (1000-10K units)

Consigned parts or special requirements of PCB service

At Boktech quality control process is one of the key features. They always measure quality control at the time of PCB service. Boktech maintains proper standards at the time of the PCB service. Their customer should be clear about the quality of services. Boktech always believes offering quality service is the key factor of their success in this field. Besides, it also differentiates them from their competitors. If anyone searching for the best quality for PCB services Boktach is the ultimate reach for them. Boktech will be able to provide the best PCB services from there site. Boktech has a knowledgeable and designated source that solves your all problems at the time of PCB service. Their mechanical, electronic, and software engineers work hand to hand to deliver you the best PCB services available in the market.  

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