Why do we need asbestos removal

Many specialists argue that asbestos is a cause of many health issues. It causes cancer and many health issues. Many countries do not allow asbestos due to this reason. There are many reasons for asbestos removals. But we need specialists for the job. 

Who are SERS? 

SERS is in environmental services. They provide all kinds of environmental services to their clients. They do asbestos testing, water testing, planning for landfill management. They are the best in asbestos removal

Why do you need SERS? 

For asbestos removal, one needs a professional and expert company that can deliver the best job. SERS has an experienced professional team that can handle all the workflows. They do the survey and scientific experiments for asbestos removal. They are in this business for the last 12 long years. They always offer the best service. There are many process need to follow for the asbestos removal. This includes: 

a) The primary work is to survey the site properly. SERS resources take all kinds of measures for the site survey. They collect all kinds of information from the site. SERS does all site documentation. 

b) The second stage is the visual inspection. The analyst of the SERS team all the visual inspection. This is very important work for the removal job. In inspection, they also check airlocks and bag locks. The microscopic asbestos can easily spread within the survey area. They work on finding out these microscopic asbestos. 

c) The name of the third stage is Air Monitoring. In this process, the SERS does the examination, testing of the asbestos. This also includes the dust of asbestos. This dust is very dangerous for health. It can be caused by many health issues. So removing dust is an important part of asbestos removal. 

d) In the last stage, SERS analysts check the general work for the asbestos removal part. In this stage, they revisit the area of removal and waste routes.

Meaning of Asbestos?

Asbestos is highly heat resistant fibers made of silicon materials. It is used for fire resistance in many houses and commercial areas. 

Types of Asbestos:

There are six types of asbestos. Which are six types of asbestos? Those are:

1) Anthophyllite: It has a yellow color and needle-like fibers. It contains magnesium and iron. 

2) Chrysotile: It is white asbestos. It has long and curly fibers. 

3) Crocidolite: The color of this asbestos is blue. It has brittle nature fibers. 

4) Tremolite: It has straight and sharp fibers. It has two colors. One is dark green and another is milky white. 

5) Actinolite: It has needle-like fibers and dark colors. It is made up of iron, silicon, magnesium, etc.

6) Amosite: It is brittle like fibers and brown. It can resist flame, heat, etc. It is used as a construction material. 

In conclusion, we can say Site Environmental and Remediation Services Pty Limited (SERS) is the best organization in Australia that offers the best asbestos removal in all over the country. They are famous for their scientific methods and modern equipment.  

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