VanZant, Paige understood how to rank among the competitors with the most UFC fans. She admits that the sexualization of her body allowed her to gain more admirers, which is why she asked Dana White, the head of the fighting organisation, for a bigger contract so she could keep ascending the octagon. In 2020, he quit and started a new enterprise after failing to come to an agreement.

Being a free agent at age 26… I had just turned 18. The news that he was leaving the influence of combat sports broke my heart. After that, the American woman, 28, started her own website featuring erotica: “I’m not with Only Fans. As and it’s my own website and I have a lot of control over what gets there. In essence, I only do things that are exclusive.

Business started

The athlete admitted that she had long wanted to start this kind of business but that her own prejudices ultimately prevented her from doing so. She said, “I did not want to put myself in a position where I would lose commercial opportunities by having a site with exclusive content, but I feel that I am already seen as a sex symbol in the world of sports. It might also be motivated by monetization. I wanted to handle things in my own way.

VanZant, who competed in the UFC and has a record of five victories and four defeats, including his most recent loss to Brazilian Amanda Ribas in July 2020, said his profits from the website currently allow him to live a comfortable life: “My eight years of fighting and six years in the UFC are finally paying off,” he said. She continued, “I work hard for my body, too. I put a lot of effort into becoming who I am, and I can show a very feminine aspect of me on my fan site. It’s becoming a lot more acceptable now, in my opinion.

Paige Vanzante chose to make money off the material on her website.

I’m giving away anything I want. My experience and my website are both there. For the fans, that is. This private content website was requested by many people, and it enables me to interact directly with each and every one of my subscribers.

Despite this, he has not given up on his MMA career. presently participating in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) and has had a few professional wrestling appearances. He has currently achieved a balance between these two realities: “This year it finally paid off and I feel at ease with my life.” It’s clear that he made the right choice financially: “Now I am earning more money in a month than in my entire contract with BKFC. It’s quite bizarre.

Just the public view was a little bit more X-rated. I’m not claiming that’s the actual situation there, but I wanted to handle it my way. I wanted to approach it professionally and create my own website, which I did.

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