When it comes to Facebook marketing, marketers often prefer to run paid ads to serve multiple purposes. Studies have proved that these Facebook ads are highly responsible for generating huge traffic, multiple leads, and better engagement than normal posts. 

To reach new audiences or to hold back the existing customers, Facebook ads play a substantial role. With this, you can target and retarget your customers and attain your defined goals in a short period of time.

Running Facebook ads is a part of PPC marketing. PPC specialists of a reputed PPC marketing company in Delhi understand the importance of Facebook ads. And so, they make sure the marketers choose this plan to market their brands. 

Here are some top Facebook Ads that you can choose to advertise your services or promote your business.

5 Top Facebook Ads you can choose for PPC marketing

  1. Post engagement ads: Many times, we discover people are posting regularly on Facebook, but the rate of engagement compared to others is too low. No need to fret. This happens. And one easier way to generate high engagement is by running post engagement ads.

    With post engagement Facebook ads, you can build more engagement by driving more viewers, more likes, more comments, and expanding the original outreach. The more the business outreach, the higher will be the activity on your posts.

    Well, the process can be a paid one, but you can generate organic followers quickly to your business page. Update your company profile immediately and use this ad to get more prospects for your services.
  2. Video ads: Video ads are another interesting ad type that results in huge engagement in no time. Unlike image ads, they are similar to TV ads and are responsible for educating the audience about the products and services of the brand.
    Video ads are of high resolution. They mainly come in aspect ratios 9:16 or 16:9 with a length of a minimum of one second to a maximum of 240 minutes. Researchers have stated that online users on Facebook spend more time watching videos. Therefore, introducing these ads in between other videos is a trending way to drag the audience to your doorstep. 
  3. Lead generation ads: Are you thinking about generating quality leads? If you are ready to invest a bit in PPC marketing, running lead generation ads on Facebook will be a brilliant idea.
    Lead generation ads have a specific way to direct visitors to the landing page. The landing page can be the home of the page of the website or a registration page where the visitors can simply fill-up the form or sign up for services. Well, clicking such ads will indeed make the visitors leave Facebook. But you have to agree that these ads have the power to drive the audience to the main door of your online shop.

    Lead generation ads contain powerful CTAs like Sign up, Call us now, Register now, Book your services now, Get a quote, etc. Make sure you use them to improve your conversion path.
  4. Slideshow ads: Slideshow ads may or may not belong to the video ad category. You can consider them as the billboards where you find multiple contents sliding sideways to display the next. Slideshow ads are exactly designed like this.

    Slideshow ads take less than a second to impress the audience, providing an immersive ad experience to the viewers. If you don’t have enough budget to build a video ad content, you can simply prefer slideshow ads as an alternative.
    For these quick ads, Facebook allows users to choose from stock images and use free video editing tools to add value to the content. This can be a great option if you act smartly.
  5. Carousel ads: Another one next to slideshow ads is the carousel ads. You will find these ads displayed on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network. The specialty of these ads is you can display up to 10 images and videos in one ad with great creativity.

    Carousel ads content may contain product details and product highlights and can be a fantastic way to tell a story about your brand along with its products or services. This extensive way of running ads keeps the viewers engage for a long time and offer an interactive experience to them.  

The Bottom Line

Facebook provides a vast business platform for all businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a startup or a well-established enterprise, you can use Facebook to run different ad campaigns and generate huge followers. Conversion rates abruptly go higher using this marketing technique.  

Are you wondering to run such PPC ads on Facebook? No worries! 

Call the experts of a white label digital marketing agency and invest in PPC marketing.  

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