One of the smartest ways to purchase a new phone is by trading in your used phone and buy a new one with updated tech and features. Selling your phone to a buyback store will help you earn some cash that you can put into use for buying a new branded phone. Definitely, a smart trading decision for a consumer to make.

You can get a best buy buy phone buyback store by selling your used phone and earning some fast cash. But before trading your used phone to a buyback store make sure you do a handful of things for carrying out a smooth trading. Now, the price that you get for selling your used phone is primarily based on the condition of the phone and the OG accessories that you bring in.

But in order to carry out a smooth trading process, the things that you must do includes –

1.    Getting an estimate for the phone

Before you dive in to trade your phone for a new one then make sure that you know the best value for your used phone. There are several buyback stores online that deliver estimated prices of the used Android, iPhone or Windows phone.

Knowing the right worth for your phone will help you make a good deal. Simply calculate the estimated value of your phone depending on the condition and model. Be aware of the scammers online that would scam you with the wrong value for your used phone.

2.   Find & assemble the original accessories

Whenever we purchase a phone, it comes along with some original accessories. Accessories such as the charger, earphones and even the other contents of the box are pretty important. So, when you are trying to trade in your used phone make sure you find and assemble all the OG accessories that you first got with the phone.

This way you will get the maximum price from your deal. Selling your used phone with no other accessories may not get you the best price. So, keep in mind to find out OG accessories before you put up your phone for trade in. Remember! Even the box matters a lot for increasing the trade in price.

3.   Backup your phone’s data

One of the things that matters the most in a phone is the content of data stored in it. Images, songs, documents and what not are actively saved in your phone’s allocated storage system. If you have set up auto backup in your phone then the data would be backed up automatically in the iCloud or Google account as per your device.

However, if you don’t have an auto backup set in your phone then make sure to back up your phone before trading it in the Buyback store. Your data will be lost and won’t be recovered if you forget to backup before resell.

4.   Perform factory reset

Last crucial action that you must take to carry out a hassle-free trade process is to clear out your phone completely. You have to perform a factory reset so that all the data is wiped from your phone and it is reset to the default condition.

Now the setting for performing factory reset varies from one device to another. So, make sure to follow the needful steps for executing factory reset on your used phone before putting it for trade in.


So, what are you waiting for? Get best buy buy phone buyback store and trade in your old phone by following the above enumerated steps. You are guaranteed to get the best trade value and carry out the process smoothly buying going through the above steps diligently.

By Larry

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