There’s no control over accidents. No matter how cautious you stay, things go downhill when accidents happen. The most common accident is dropping your phone and ending up with a cracked or broken iPhone screen.

The longer you wait to take an action for it, your iPhone may suffer from further damage. You got to act fast and take the right decision to get your cracked iPhone screen fixed. Either you can take matters into your own hands and replace the screen by buying replacement wholesale Apple parts or take other options.

Continue to read till the end to find out all about it.

1.    Go to the Apple Store

Well, the first thing that you can do is take your damaged iPhone for a fix to the genuine Apple Store. While the Store usually does not cover for the physical damages as such, you can still take a chance and ask for repair options.

If you have AppleCare then you can take advantage of it and ask whether they cover the cracked screen damages. While going to the Apple Store may be an expensive option for you to get the damage fixed, it is the most genuine repair alternative to choose.

You’ll be assured that the replaced parts or fixed screen is authentic and not a duplicate one.

2.   Get it fixed on your own

If you are tech savvy and know your way around iPhones then why not take things in your own hands? For damage like cracked iPhone screens, you can replace the broken part with a new one easily at the leisure of your home itself.

Plus, it would be so much cheaper for you if you get the damage fixed at home. But before you start your DIY repair project make sure that the iPhone doesn’t have any internal damage. Also, make sure to use the right fixing tools to repair the screen perfectly.

Doing your repair DIY project without the tools can cause more damage than the fix. Also, make sure you see some tutorials before you begin to work on the damage.

3.   Take it to third-party repair store

Lastly, you can take the route of fixing your cracked iPhone screen by taking it to a third-party repair store. Fixing the damage by taking it to the professionals is the best choice to make. While Apple Store may not cover for the physical damages as such, a third-party repair store can fix anything.

But before you go to such a store make sure to run a research about the store. Whether they offer a fix for cracked or broken iPhone screen damage or the years of experience of the store, knowing about the overall performance of the store is important.


So, what are you waiting for? Take any of the above enumerated routes to fix your damaged iPhone. If you are good with iPhone’s then take on the repair project on your own and get it fixed with replaced parts. You can buy replacement parts from wholesale Apple parts suppliers online. Or you can get it fixed by choosing the alternative options mentioned above.

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