In Kenya World’s First Ever Anti-HIV Gel Enters Clinical Trials

In Kenya World’s First Ever Anti-HIV Gel Enters Clinical Trials

In Kenya, a gel is being developed that may kill the Aids-causing virus is getting into a crucial trial part, with no less than Sh200 million spent on it in the past 11 years.

Patented in 2007, UniPron has been discovered to not only act towards HIV; however, can be used as a contraceptive by killing sperms and as a lubricant.

The drug developed on the Institute of Primate Research (IPR), a State company, is now set for the final human clinical trials, under principal investigator Peter Gichuhi Mwethera.

“For the subsequent and final section, now we have put a robust staff of academics, clinicians, investors, and marketers collectively,” says Dr. Mwethera, whose team was early this year awarded in London for the innovation.

Dr. Kavoo Linge, a consultant gynecologist at Nairobi Hospital and the clinical adviser to the venture, mentioned they’re already searching for ethical and statutory approvals for the proposed trials. “We’re in discussions with several establishments with the requisite capability and information to hold out human clinical trials in the highest quality and ethical standards,” he mentioned

If the human trials are successful, Kenya might be the first nation on the planet to place an effective anti-HIV microbicide available in the market.

A microbicide, in keeping with the World Health Organisation, is a substance utilized inside the vagina or rectum to reduce the transference of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Although at the moment such a relevant microbicide doesn’t exist, a method it would work is by maintaining an acidic environment to protect against infection.

UniPron, explains Dr. Mwethera, the primary inventor, has lemon juice and other elements.

“It works by lowering and stabilizing the surroundings at levels which are too acidic for HIV to survive,” he says.

The same acidic levels don’t permit sperm to survive, therefore its ability as a contraceptive.

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