Hawaiian Papayas Are Safe to Eat States Local Officials

Hawaiian Papayas Are Safe to Eat States Local Officials

Hawaii papayas are suitable for eating regardless of a salmonella outbreak that has resulted in diseases reported in eight different states, local officials say.

The FDA and the CDC are investigating an outbreak of 62 salmonella diseases linked to fresh papayas imported from Mexico.

The state Department of Health and the state Department of Agriculture mentioned there isn’t a cause to avoid consuming locally-grown papayas.

“The FDA has informed me that their investigations are centered on papayas imported from Mexico,” stated Phyllis Shimabukuro-Geiser in a written assertion. “Our state’s papaya-loving neighborhood must be reassured that the fruit grown in Hawaii has not been linked to the outbreak, which is especially occurring within the North-eastern U.S.”

Diseases have been reported in Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, according to the FDA. The CDC suggested that consumers in these states throw away the papayas from Mexico.

Of the 62 diseases, 60 have been reported within the North-eastern six states.

“One affected person from Florida who was reported sick had traveled to Connecticut earlier before becoming sick,” following FDA in a written assertion. “One other affected person from Texas was additionally reported sick, and at the moment, extra information about this patient is being collected. More data can be offered because it turns into out there.”

All Hawaii-grown papaya is safe to eat, mentioned Lori Nagatoshi, chief of DOH Food & Drug Branch, in a press release.

“Vegetables and fruits are a part of a nutritious diet, and the easiest way to scale back the risk of sickness from fresh produce is to wash it completely below running water or cook it,” Nagatoshi stated.

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