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Motorola to Give Android 9 Pie Update Only If You Have Verizon

Motorola to Give Android 9 Pie Update Only If You Have Verizon

Motorola promised back in August 2017 that it would — be releasing Android 9 Pie on a wide range of its devices, together with the Moto Z2 Force. However, in an update posted to its forums this week, the company mentioned that would no longer be entirely true in the US. As an alternative, only the Verizon model of the phone is slated to get the replacement to the current version of Android with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint AT&T now set to be neglected for what the company describes as “a variety of reasons,” in keeping with Droid Life.

Moreover, it sounds just like the Verizon model is only getting an update as a result of it ultimately wants it so that the Z2 Force will work with the 5G Moto Mod – with the impression being that if not for that, it too possible wouldn’t have gotten an update in any respect.

That stated it’s not all bad news: “We’re committed to offering two years of ’Android’s security updates on all Moto Z2 Force devices,” Motorola’s submit goes on to say, so owners will at least have some support going forward. “Whereas we at all times caution that our update plans could change, Motorola regrets any inconvenience or disappointment this may trigger our loyal customers.”

It’s a tragic end for the story of the Z2 Force: a phone that was bought based mostly on the strength of its nigh-unbreakable (though scratched) screen, however, that can ultimately see an early demise as a consequence of software. It’s virtually poetic in its manner.

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