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AccuWeather Predicts Corn and Soybean Yields for 2019

AccuWeather Predicts Corn and Soybean Yields for 2019

AccuWeather’s new assessments for corn and soybean yield for 2019 even decrease than previously forecasts because of continued bad weather.

AccuWeather predicts the 2019 corn yield of 13.13 billion bushels, which is lower than its June 10th estimate of 13.26. The USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture) estimates the 2019 corn yield at 13.68 as of June 11th, although it will offer an updated forecast on Friday.

The USDA’s initial 2019 corn yield estimate was around 15.03 billion bushels after production was 14.41 (2018) and 14.61 (2017) billion bushels the last two years.

For the 2019 soybean yield, a drop to 3.942 billion bushels, a decrease from its June 10th estimate of 3.952. The USDA’s two forecasts for the season so far have each been 4.150 billion bushels after production equaled 4.544 and 4.412 billion bushels in 2018 and 2017 respectively.

The rain and flooding that has affected Corn Belt farmers continue to be reflected in the feeble Crop Progress numbers. The percentage of corn considered good or excellent in 18 critical corn-producing states plummeted from the earlier week from 59% to 56%. The five-year average for the condition of corn rated good or outstanding is 77%.

Soybean planting, as AccuWeather predicted, rose in 18 key U.S. soybean-producing states, in line with the Crop Progress. The report confirmed 85% of soybeans had been planted as of June 23rd after the share was at 77% the earlier week. The five-year average for the date is 97%.

Ohio (65%), Missouri (66%) and Michigan (69%) continue to point out the worst percentages, whereas Louisiana (99%), Minnesota (98%) and North Dakota (98%) paved the way.

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