The Energy Secretariat received 56 offers in round 3 of the renewable energy program (Renovar). If all offers were accepted, the investment would be US $ 520 million according to official calculations.

The greater amount of proposals, as it usually happens, is for energy generated by the sun and wind. Approximate offers are 350 MW for wind and photovoltaic solar, which will compete together with quotas by regions and provinces. Between biomass, biogas, small hydroelectric uses there are another 50 MW,

For the specifications, a maximum quota of 20 MW was applied per province, except for Buenos Aires where it was 60 MW. For this round, extensions of existing plants were not contemplated.

The projects are distributed in 14 provinces that would generate 1,600 direct jobs and supply, once in operation, 350 thousand Argentine homes with renewable energy.

This round was intended for small-scale projects.
The adjudication of the projects will be made on July 22, once the economic offers have been evaluated. A week later, the contracts for the supply of electricity with Cammesa will begin. The same procedure was used in the previous rounds.